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The Mendel Project


The Mendel project is my attempt to design a system for writing software that doesn't depend on programming languages. Instead, it will allow programmers to manipulate software in terms of abstractions rather than synax. The Mendel project is named after Gregor Mendel.

Current Status

So far it's just me and some Python scripts, so don't get too excited.

My current task is to develop and implement an object model that will be used to represent programs. Since premature optimization is the root of all evil, I'm trying to come up with something as simple and general as possible in order to make things as flexible as possible. Here are my latest thoughts on the subject.

Development Roadmap for Version 1.0

The first stage of development must follow a fairly linear sequence of steps. The end of this sequence will be version 1.0.

Future Directions

After version 1.0 there are several different features that can be added more or less independently. This is where I could use some partners.


Here are some links that may or may not be relevant. I haven't really checked them out yet.

  1. Mozart
  2. the Cecil language; interesting object semantics
  3. Eidola
  4. Fabrik
  5. Cube
  6. dmoz.org: visual programming languages
  7. dmoz.org: metaprogramming

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